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TitleMotivational profiles as a combination of academic goals in higher education
Author(s)Valle, Antonio
Carlos Nunez, Jose
Cabanach, Ramon G.
Rodriguez, Susana
Rosário, Pedro
Ingles, Candido J.
Keywordshigher education
goal setting
Issue date2015
JournalEducational Psychology
Abstract(s)The aim of the current study was to obtain information from students in higher education on different motivational profiles that resulted from the combination of three academic goals (i.e. learning goals (LG), performance-approach goals and performance-avoidance goals). Moreover, information related to the relevance of each goal within each motivational profile was explored to explain conditions closely related to the academic engagement. The sample consisted of 2556 students from five Spanish universities. Motivational profiles were obtained by using cluster analysis followed by a relevance analysis of each goal within each motivational profile. The results support the hypothesis concerning motivational profiles, and further suggest for motivational profiles with a predominance of LG to be more adaptive. According to our findings, high level of LG in one's motivational profile appear to be a powerful protective factor in maintaining high interest in academic work, as well as high control beliefs and self-efficacy.
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