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TitlePatients' and spouses' contribution toward adherence to self-care behaviors in type 2 diabetes
Author(s)Pereira, M. Graça
Costa, Vera
Oliveira, Daniela
Ferreira, Gabriela
Pedras, Susana
Sousa, Maria Rui
Machado, José C.
Type 2
posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms
family functioning
parental cancer
Issue date2015
JournalResearch and Theory for Nursing Practice
Abstract(s)This article focuses on patients' and partners' variables regarding adherence to self-care, in recently diagnosed patients with Type 2 diabetes. One hundred four patients and partners were included. Instruments answered were Family Inventory of Life Events and Changes (family stress), Family Crisis Oriented Personal Evaluation Scales (family coping), Revised Dyadic Adjustment Scale (dyadic adjustment), Multidimensional Diabetes Questionnaire (partner support) and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (psychological morbidity). Results showed adherence to diet to be positively predicted by patient dyadic adjustment and patient positive support and negatively by partner depression and partner negative support. Adherence to exercise was predicted by patient's family stress and negatively by partner anxiety. Adherence to glucose monitoring was predicted by partner positive support. Psychological variables were not associated with adherence to foot care. Finally, positive partner support moderated the relationship between family stress and dyadic adjustment in patients. The results emphasize the need to treat the patient in the context of the dyad. Future research should focus on partners' specific instrumental behaviors that promote patients' self-care behaviors.
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