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TitleProcess development for manufacturing of cellular structures with controlled geometry and properties
Author(s)Pinto, Paulo
Peixinho, Nuno
Soares, Delfim
Silva, Filipe
KeywordsAluminum foac
Cellular structures
aluminium foam
rapid prototyping (RP)
tensile strength
Issue date2015
PublisherUniversidade Federal São Carlos. Departamento Engenharia Materials
JournalMaterials Research
Abstract(s)This study presents experimental results on the behaviour of aluminium alloy metal structures and foams manufactured by lost-wax casting and using 3D printed components for internal structure definition. Results for tensile tests, metallurgical properties, surface quality and geometry tolerances were obtained and discussed. The analysis focused on development geometries, used for adjusting manufacturing parameters and prototype geometries intended for geometrical and mechanical validation. The results are indicative of the viability of the method for producing foam structures suitable for mechanical loading.
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AccessOpen access
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