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TitleIntervention with children victims of domestic violence in Portugal: legal and regulatory framework, constraints and challenges
Author(s)Martins, Paula Cristina
Sani, Ana Isabel Martins
Fernandes, Natália
Tomás, Catarina Almeida
Tavares, Margarida
Gonçalves, Maria João
KeywordsDomestic violence
State Intervention
Public Policies
Issue date12-May-2016
PublisherEuropean Association for Forensic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychology and other involved Professions (EFCAP)
Abstract(s)Background: In the last years, the phenomenon of domestic violence in Portugal has become more and more visible. Despite its high prevalence and disruptive consequences on families, procedures established for referrals and subsequent investigation and intervention are not unified across all services in the country, nor comply with the needs of families and, especially, of children involved. Objectives: To characterize the procedures of evaluation, intervention and follow-up of these cases, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, as well as assessing their suitability and effectiveness. Method: 19 potential key informants, selected on the basis of their involvement in relevant services in this domain, were involved in semi-structured interviews across the country. Results: Despite the study is still ongoing, preliminary results indicate the absence of a concerted strategy focused on children, which fit their needs, allowing for an effective and individualized intervention, with respect for the principles of proportionality and opportunity. Conclusion: A coordinated and integrated approach should be put in place in order to bringing together all the agencies involved in domestic violence work (e.g. Social Welfare, Health, Education, Employment, Police and Courts). Case management and well as long term counselling can assure opportune intervention and systematic follow-up.
AccessOpen access
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