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TitleMetabolite secretion in microorganisms: the theory of metabolic overflow put to the test
Author(s)Pinu, Farhana R.
Granucci, Ninna
Daniell, James
Han, Ting-Li
Carneiro, Sónia
Rocha, I.
Nielsen, Jens
Villas-Boas, Silas G.
KeywordsMicrobial metabolism
Active efflux
Metabolic engineering
Metabolic modelling
Systems biology
Metabolic modeling
Issue dateApr-2018
PublisherSpringer Nature
CitationPinu, Farhana R.; Granucci, Ninna; Daniell, James; Han, Ting-Li; Carneiro, Sónia; Rocha, Isabel; Nielsen, Jens; Villas-Boas, Silas G., Metabolite secretion in microorganisms: the theory of metabolic overflow put to the test. Metabolomics, 14(4), 43-43, 2018
Abstract(s)Introduction Microbial cells secrete many metabolites during growth, including important intermediates of the central carbon metabolism. This has not been taken into account by researchers when modeling microbial metabolism for metabolic engineering and systems biology studies. Materials and Methods The uptake of metabolites by microorganisms is well studied, but our knowledge of how and why they secrete different intracellular compounds is poor. The secretion of metabolites by microbial cells has traditionally been regarded as a consequence of intracellular metabolic overflow. Conclusions Here, we provide evidence based on time-series metabolomics data that microbial cells eliminate some metabolites in response to environmental cues, independent of metabolic overflow. Moreover, we review the different mechanisms of metabolite secretion and explore how this knowledge can benefit metabolic modeling and engineering.
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