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TitleLearning for older adults in Portugal: Universities of the Third Age in a state of change
Author(s)Veloso, Esmeraldina
KeywordsUniversities of the Third Age
Education policies
Older adults
Issue dateNov-2017
PublisherAdult Learning Australia (ALA)
JournalAustralian Journal of Adult Learning
CitationVeloso, E. C. (2017). Learning for older adults in Portugal: universities of the Third Age in a state of change. Australian Journal of Adult Learning, 57(3), 458-473.
Abstract(s)U3As have their origin in 1973 in Toulouse, France, with Professor Pierre Vellas. This French influence was also felt in Portugal and the first Portuguese U3A opened its doors also in the 1970’s. However, from inception the Portuguese reality was very different from the French model, especially in regards to its promoters. However, both in France and Portugal, these original models have since undergone significant changes. Within this context, this study seeks to analyse this shift in the organisation of U3A, attempting to understand, amongst other factors, who are the social players behind the change, their goals, and how they are organised. To achieve these research goals, several data collection techniques were used such as document/text analysis of information on the different educational opportunities on offer to older adults, especially U3A, as well as conducting interviews with some leaders of U3A. Theoretically, the work of several authors who have analysed U3A such as Aline Chamain and Marvin Formosa are considered as well as authors who have researched third age policies, in particular Anne-Marie Guillemard. In conclusion, the present work shows U3As in Portugal present themselves in a different context in terms of their promoters – as either tertiary institutions or as private associations.
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