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TitleParticipatory mapping of the geography of risk: risk perceptions of children and adolescents in two Portuguese towns
Author(s)Preto, Isabel
McCall, Michael K.
Freitas, Mário
Dourado, Luís Gonzaga Pereira
KeywordsYouth participation
Risk perceptions
Participatory GIS
Participatory mapping
Issue date2016
PublisherUniversity of Cincinnati
JournalChildren, Youth and Environments
CitationPreto, I., McCall, M., Freitas, M., & Dourado, L. (2016). Participatory Mapping of the Geography of Risk: Risk Perceptions of Children and Adolescents in Two Portuguese Towns. Children, Youth and Environments 26(1) , 85–110.
Abstract(s)This study identifies, characterizes, and represents children’s and adolescents’ perceptions of urban risks, using participatory mapping and Participatory Geographic Information Systems. Children and youth identified risks and georeferenced them using tools like CyberTracker, Google Earth and Google Maps embedded in a website. Data analysis showed that risk situations identified by the participants are real and concrete concerns, contextualized in their daily lives. This kind of study can be a starting point for community joint actions that include young people to help solve problems—from policy reviews, to effective structural and design changes, to general awareness-raising.
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