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TitleDual delivery of hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs from chitosan/diatomaceous earth composite membranes
Author(s)López-Cebral, Rita
Peng, Guangjia
Reys, Lara L.
Silva, Simone Santos
Oliveira, Joaquim M.
Chen, Jie
Silva, Tiago José Quinteiros Lopes Henriques
Reis, R. L.
Issue dateFeb-2018
JournalJournal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine
CitationLópez-Cebral R., Peng G., Reys L. L., Silva S. S., Oliveira J. M., Chen J., Silva T. H., Reis R. L. Dual delivery of hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs from chitosan/ diatomaceous earth composite membranes, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, Vol. 29, Issue 3, pp. 21-33, doi:10.1007/s10856-018-6025-9, 2018
Abstract(s)Oral administration of drugs presents important limitations, which are frequently not granted the importance that they really have. For instance, hepatic metabolism means an important drug loss, while some patients have their ability to swell highly compromised (i.e. unconsciousness, cancer...). Sublingual placement of an accurate Pharmaceutical Dosage Form is an attractive alternative. This work explores the use of the beta-chitosan membranes, from marine industry residues, composed with marine sediments for dual sublingual drug delivery. As proof of concept, the membranes were loaded with a hydrophilic (gentamicin) and a hydrophobic (dexamethasone) drug. The physico-chemical and morphological characterization indicated the successful incorporated of diatomaceous earth within the chitosan membranes. Drug delivery studies showed the potential of all formulations for the immediate release of hydrophilic drugs, while diatomaceous earth improved the loading and release of the hydrophobic drug. These results highlight the interest of the herein developed membranes for dual drug delivery.
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