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TitleMechatronic system for performing blood pre-transfusion tests
Author(s)Ferraz, Ana
Carvalho, Vítor
Machado, José
Brito, José
KeywordsHuman blood type determination
Data acquisition and analysis
Image analysis
Mechatronic system
Issue date2016
JournalSensors and Actuators A: Physical
Abstract(s)The blood types determination is essential to perform safe blood transfusions. In emergency situations is administrated the "universal donor" blood type. However, sometimes, this blood type can cause incompatibilities in the transfusion receptor. A mechatronic prototype was developed to solve this problem. The prototype was built to meet specific goals, incorporating all the necessary components. The obtained solution is close to the final system that will be produced later, at industrial scale, as a medical device. The prototype is a portable and low cost device, and can be used in remote locations. A computer application, previously developed is used to operate with the developed mechatronic prototype, and obtain automatically test results. It allows image acquisition, processing and analysis, based on Computer Vision algorithms, Machine Learning algorithms and deterministic algorithms. The Machine Learning algorithms enable the classification of occurrence, or alack of agglutination in the mixture (blood/reagents), and a more reliable and a safer methodology as test data are stored in a database. The work developed allows the administration of a compatible blood type in emergency situations, avoiding the discontinuity of the "universal donor" blood type stocks, and reducing the occurrence of human errors in the transfusion practice.
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