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TitlePrediction of the remaining service life of existing concrete bridges in infrastructural networks based on carbonation and chloride ingress
Author(s)Zambon, I.
Vidocic, A.
Strauss, A.
Matos, José C.
Friedl, N.
KeywordsService life
Bridge management system
Infrastructure management
Concrete bridges
Cloride ingress
Concrete carbonation
Chloride ingress
Issue date2018
PublisherTechno Press
JournalSmart Structures and Systems
Abstract(s)The second half of the 20th century was marked with a significant raise in amount of railway bridges in Austria made of reinforced concrete. Today, many of these bridges are slowly approaching the end of their envisaged service life. Current methodology of assessment and evaluation of structural condition is based on visual inspections, which, due to its subjectivity, can lead to delayed interventions, irreparable damages and additional costs. Thus, to support engineers in the process of structural evaluation and prediction of the remaining service life, the Austrian Federal Railways (Ö BB) commissioned the formation of a concept for an anticipatory life cycle management of engineering structures. The part concerning concrete bridges consisted of forming a bridge management system (BMS) in a form of a web-based analysis tool, known as the LeCIE_tool. Contrary to most BMSs, where prediction of a condition is based on Markovian models, in the LeCIE_tool, the time - dependent deterioration mechanisms of chloride-and carbonation-induced corrosion are used as the most common deterioration processes in transportation infrastructure. Hence, the main aim of this article is to describe the background of the introduced tool, with a discussion on exposure classes and crucial parameters of chloride ingress and carbonation models. Moreover, the article presents a verification of the generated analysis tool through service life prediction on a dozen of bridges of the Austrian railway network, as well as a case study with a more detailed description and implementation of the concept applied
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