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Autor(es)Correia, A. Gomes
Tutumluer, Erol
Vale, José L Machado
Frank, Roger
EditoraElsevier Ltd
Resumo(s)[Excerpt] The Transportation Geotechnics International Conference series began under the auspices of ISSMGE Technical Committee TC3 on Geotechnics of Pavements, chaired by Prof. A. Gomes Correia (20052009) and was initiated in 2008 at the University of Nottingham [1], UK, as an international event designed to address the growing requirements of infrastructure for societies. The 2nd International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics [2] took place in 2012, in Sapporo, Japan, under the ISSMGE Technical Committee, renamed TC202 on Transportation Geotechnics (2009-2013). Following the previous conferences, the 3rd International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics (3rd ICTG 2016) washeld in Guimarães, Portugal, in September 2016. The conference was co-organised by the University of Minho and the Portuguese Geotechnical Society under the auspices of the ISSMGE Technical Committee TC202 on Transportation Geotechnics chaired by Prof. Erol Tutumluer (2013-2017). The conference ran with the support of TRB, IGS, ICT, RUTGERS, G-I and “Ordem dos Engenheiros”. [...]
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