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TitleHealth-related quality of life of adolescents: relations with positive and negative psychological dimensions
Author(s)Freire, Teresa
Ferreira, Gabriela Maria Magalhães
Health-related quality of life
Life satisfaction
Psychological distress
Subjective happiness
Issue date2018
JournalInternational Journal of Adolescence and Youth
Abstract(s)This study aims to analyse: the relationship between socio-demographic variables and overall HRQoL and its domains; the predictor role of negative psychological dimensions (anxiety, depression and stress) and positive ones (subjective happiness, self-esteem and life satisfaction) on overall HRQoL and its domains. The sample consisted of 465 Portuguese students (53.5% girls), aged 13–18 years (M = 15.20, SD = 1.16). The students answered to the following measures: Kidscreen-27, Subjective Happiness Scale, Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale, Self-Esteem Rosenberg Scale and Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale-Children. Gender, age and chronic disease predicted perceptions of some HRQoL domains. The results showed that both negative and positive psychological dimensions predicted HRQoL and its domains. Depressive symptoms were a negative predictor and self-esteem a positive predictor of overall HRQoL and all of its domains. These results create opportunities for new insights into health and optimal functioning of adolescents from an ecological perspective.
AccessRestricted access (Author)
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