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TitleA generic and highly efficient parallel variant of Borůvka's algorithm
Author(s)Da Silva Sousa, Cristiano
Mariano, Artur
Proença, Alberto José
Issue date2015
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Abstract(s)This paper presents (i) a parallel, platformindependent variant of Borůvka's algorithm, an efficient Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) solver, and (ii) a comprehensive comparison of MST-solver implementations, both on multi-core CPU-chips and GPUs. The core of our variant is an effective and explicit contraction of the graph. Our multi-core CPU implementation scales linearly up to 8 threads, whereas the GPU implementation performs considerably better than the optimal number of threads running on the CPU. We also show that our implementations outperform all other parallel MST-solver implementations in (ii), for a broad set of publicly available roadnetwork graphs.
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