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TitleResults of CRM adoption in large companies in Portugal
Author(s)Varajão, João
Cunha, Maria Manuela Cruz
Santana, Daniela
Large companies
Issue date2013
CitationVarajão, J.; Cunha, M.; Santana, D. (2013) - Results of CRM Adoption in Large Companies in Portugal. In Electronic Business and Marketing Studies in Computational Intelligence - New Trends on its Process and Applications, 484, 2013, 5-13. Springer. ISSN 1860-949X ISSN 1860-9503 (electronic), ISBN 978-3-642-37931-4 ISBN 978-3-642-37932-1 (eBook), DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-37932-1.
Abstract(s)When a company implements a Customer Relationship Management system, there are several results that can be obtained as, for instance, the improvement of the information quality or the improvement of the customers’ services. This paper presents the findings of a study undertaken among a sample of Portuguese large enterprises, identifying and discussing the main results of the adoption of CRM systems. The findings of this study help the academe and professional community to better understand the CRM adoption in large companies.
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