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Title3D reconstruction of bone structures based on planar radiography
Author(s)Coelho, Ana Isabel Araújo
Ribeiro, João Pedro
Campos, Jaime
Silva, Sara
Alves, Victor
Keywords3D reconstruction
Orthopedic surgery planning
Planar radiography
Issue dateMay-2015
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
JournalAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Abstract(s)The 3D reconstruction of bone structures has many advantages in orthopedic applications. 3D bone models could be used in computer assisted surgery systems or in the pre-operative planning of an orthopedic surgery. The visualization of these models will lead to higher surgery accuracy. Usually the 3D reconstruction is done with CT or MRI scans. However these modalities have some disadvantages like the high costs, high acquisition time and high radiation. So, the planar radiography emerges as a more advantageous modality, because it avoids exposure to high radiation, reduces the acquisition time and costs and also is the most usually acquired study in the pre-operative planning of an orthopedic surgery. The principal challenge in reconstructing bone models from planar radiography is that a lot of information is missing when only one or two orthogonal images are used. So it's hard to obtain a precise geometry of the bone structure with only this information. In this work, we present a solution for the problem of reconstructing bone structures from planar radiography. With this solution, it's possible to obtain a 3D model of the bone that is suitable for orthopedic surgery planning.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
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