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dc.contributor.authorPureza, Rita Calado Lopespor
dc.contributor.authorSoares, Ana Paulapor
dc.contributor.authorComesaña, Montserratpor
dc.description.abstractThis study explores the role of cognate status, syllable position, and word length in Tip-of-the-Tongue (TOT) states induction and resolution for European Portuguese (EP; L1) – English (L2) bilinguals (and EP monolinguals as control). TOTs were induced using a picture naming task in L1 and L2 followed by a lexical decision task. Here, the first or the last syllable of the target word (or none for control) was embedded in pseudowords (syllabic pseudohomophones) in order to test its effect in TOT resolution. Bilinguals presented more TOTs in L2 than in L1, especially for noncognate words. Longer words showed more TOTs than shorter words, though only in L1. TOT resolution was higher for cognates in L2 and higher when primed by the first than by the last syllable. Finally, longer cognates showed more TOT resolution than shorter cognates, irrespective of the language. Results are discussed in light of TOT’s main hypothesis.por
dc.description.sponsorshipThis research was funded by the FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology) through the state budget, with reference SFRH / BD /60859 / 2009. Besides it was also funded by the FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology) through the state budget, with reference IF / 00784/2013 / CP1158 / CT0013. Additionally, this work was supported by grant EXPL/MHC-PCN/0859/2013 from FCT and FEDER (Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional) through the European programs QREN (Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional), and COMPETE (Programa Operacional Factores de Competitividade).por
dc.publisherCambridge University Presspor
dc.subjectCognate statuspor
dc.subjectSyllable positionpor
dc.subjectWord lengthpor
dc.subjectBilingual speech productionpor
dc.titleCognate status, syllable position and word length on bilingual Tip-Of-the-Tongue states induction and resolutionpor
dc.subject.fosCiências Sociais::Psicologiapor
dc.subject.wosSocial Sciencespor
sdum.journalBilingualism: Language and Cognitionpor
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