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TitleLength of Stay in Intensive Care Units - A Case Base Evaluation
Author(s)Silva, Ana
Vicente, Henrique
Abelha, António
Santos, Manuel
Machado, José Manuel
Neves, João
Neves, José
KeywordsIntensive Care Unit
Length of Stay
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Logic Programming
Case-Based Reasoning
Quality of Care
Issue date1-Jan-2016
PublisherIOS Press
JournalFrontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
CitationSilva, A., Vicente, H., Abelha, A., Santos, M. F., Machado, J., Neves, J., & Neves, J. (2016, August). Length of Stay in Intensive Care Units-A Case Base Evaluation. In SoMeT (pp. 191-202)
Abstract(s)As a matter of fact, an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) stands for a hospital facility where patients require close observation and monitoring. Indeed, predicting Length-of-Stay (LoS) at ICUs is essential not only to provide them with improved Quality-of-Care, but also to help the hospital management to cope with hospital resources. Therefore, in this work one's aim is to present an Artificial Intelligence based Decision Support System to assist on the prediction of LoS at ICUs, which will be centered on a formal framework based on a Logic Programming acquaintance for knowledge representation and reasoning, complemented with a Case Based approach to computing, and able to handle unknown, incomplete, or even contradictory data, information or knowledge.
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