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TítuloToward CERIF-ScienTI cooperation and interoperability
Autor(es)Pacheco, Roberto C. S.
Kern, Vinícius Medina
Salm Júnior, José Francisco
Packer, Abel Laerte
Murasaki, Renato
Amaral, Luís
Santos, Leonel Duarte dos
Cabezas Bullemore, Alberto R.
ScienTI Network
Research information systems
On-line information services
Information systems modeling
EditoraLeuven University Press
CitaçãoASSERSON, Anne Gams Steine ; SIMONS, Eduard J., ed. lit. – “Enabling interaction and quality : beyond the Hanseatic League : proceedings of the International Conference on Current Research Information Systems (CRIS), 8, Bergen, Norway”. Leuven : Leuven University Press, 2006. ISBN 90-586 -536-X. p. 179-188.
Resumo(s)The more acknowledged the role of knowledge as wealth creation factor, the more urgent becomes making S&T information compatible, useful, integrated and accessible to all innovation players. In this paper we discusstwo projects that bring some answers to this issue: the Iberian-Latin-American ScienTI and the European CERIF models. ScienTI was established during the last five years as a network of S&T information, currently involving eleven countries from Latin America and Portugal. CERIF has been developed and proposed to European research information system since its first version CERIF2000. In this study we conclude that there is a favorable scenario to promote interoperability between existent CERIF and ScienTI CRIS.
ISBN90-586 -536-X
Arbitragem científicayes
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