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TitleISO 9001 certification in the American Continent: a statistical analysis and modelling
Author(s)Salgado, Eduardo Gomes
Beijo, Luiz Alberto
Sampaio, Paulo
Pereira Mello, Carlos Henrique
Saraiva, Pedro
KeywordsISO 9001 certification
quality management systems
global trends
American Continent
Issue date2016
PublisherTaylor & Francis
JournalInternational Journal of Production Research
CitationEduardo Gomes Salgado, Luiz Alberto Beijo, Paulo Sampaio, Carlos Henrique Pereira Mello & Pedro Saraiva (2016) ISO 9001 certification in the American Continent: a statistical analysis and modelling, International Journal of Production Research, 54:18, 5416-5433, DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2015.1109719
Abstract(s)The ISO 9001 standard is considered as an effective tool to support a quality management system (QMS). A steady growth in the number of ISO 9001 issued certificates is observed worldwide, confirming the interest of companies in this approach. However, information regarding this behaviour over time in the American Continent is scarce. This paper presents a set of qualitative and quantitative analyses related to the ISO 9001 certification (globally and at the country level of the Americas), the use of this standard in countries that were part of the ISO Survey 2011 and modelling the ISO 9001 certification for American countries, in order to characterise through mathematical models, the evolution of the certification process and to identify factors that influence the ISO 9001 issued certificates in the various countries analysed. Based on the work developed, a positive relationship was found between the number of issued certificates in each country per 1000 inhabitants and the indicators of economic development (Gross National Income Per Capita). It is determined that the total reserves of a country is an economic variable that directly affects the number of issued certificates, a finding not observed in other forecasting models.
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