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Title“It was at this moment that i felt myself to be more teacher": narratives about internships in teacher education in Brazil and Portugal
Author(s)Sarmento, Teresa
Rocha, Simone Albuquerque da
Internship Portugal and Brazil
Training narratives
Issue date2015
PublisherInternational Knowledge Press (ikpress)
JournalJournal of Basic and Applied Research International
CitationSarmento, Teresa e Rocha, Simone (2015). “It was at this moment that I felt myself to be more teacher”: narratives about internships in teacher education in Brazil and Portugal. Journal of Basic and Applied Research International, 8(2): 161-172. ISSN: 2227-5053
Abstract(s)The progressing research is developed in Portugal and in Brazil from an interinstitutional investigation aimed to reveal, reflect, discuss and analyze how the period of internship for future teachers is developed, in the reality of these two countries. It becomes important then to study how it has been offered and what are the perceptions that the subjects in training and future graduates have by attending it. Considering this a few questions arise: how internship is inserted in Teacher training courses in Portugal and Brazil? What do subjects manifest about their experiences with the future profession, offered in the internship and what do they say on the contribution of these activities to the course and constitution of their teacher identity? How does the internship contribute to the graduates in their initial activities of teaching? Relying on the qualitative approach, the research adopted the training narratives, seeking in the (auto) biographical method, theoretical subsidies for the analysis. Tools will be associated such as documentary analysis, narratives- and the narrative interview as a methodology. The subjects of research, brought into this cut are six: three from Brazil and three from Portugal, four of them are in training for teaching and two are graduates of training and they are at the beginning of the teaching. The first results of the research showed that the internships offered in training courses in Brazil and Portugal, allowed the subjects to better understand aspects of the experiences of the teaching profession, even in a short time. The subjects in this phase of training were glimpsed, that the teaching as a profession is developed in the social, political and educational-investigative dimension, since there were involvement of future professionals with the issues of the school and the teaching category, experiencing social and political crises that involve the job routine. Those experiences and constructions of knowledge about the profession in the internship, allowed the future teachers to realize the movement of the constitution of teaching identity when they narrated that was in this period of the course which made them feel more teachers.
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