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TitleThe geography of "disused" railways: What is happening in Portugal?
Author(s)Sarmento, João Carlos Vicente
Disused railways
Transport and leisure planning
Issue date1-Dec-2002
PublisherUniversidade de Lisboa. Centro de Estudos Geográficos
CitationSarmento, J. (2002). The Geography of" disused" railways: what is happening in Portugal?. Finisterra, 37(74).
Abstract(s)Greenways have been established for a number of years throughout the world. Recently the concept of Greenways has acquired a multifunctional dimension, and is now used by planners as a tool for preserving environmental qualities of the landscape, as well as to structure leisure resources. It has even become a significant part of transport planning in urban areas. This article focuses on the ways in which disused railways can be an integral part of greenway planning. Firstly, the greenway concept and its evolution will be approached. This will be followed by a brief summary of the railway history in Portugal and an analysis of the present situation in the country regarding railways that are not in use any more. Finally, a detailed study of the first cycleway built in Portugal by using the disused railways between Guimarães and Fafe in the Northwest of the country will be presented.
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