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TitleEvaluation of new naphthalimides as potential anticancer agents against breast cancer MCF-7, pancreatic cancer BxPC-3 and colon cancer HCT- 15 cell lines
Author(s)Noro, Jennifer Martins
Maciel, J.
Duarte, D.
Olival, A. C. D.
Baptista, C.
Silva, A. C. D.
Alves, Maria José Chão
Kong, Thoo Lin
Membrane permeabilization
Issue date2015
PublisherOMICS International
JournalOrganic Chemistry: Current Research
CitationNoro J, Maciel J, Duarte D, Olival ACD, Baptista C, et al. (2015) Evaluation of New Naphthalimides as Potential Anticancer Agents against Breast Cancer MCF-7, Pancreatic Cancer BxPC-3 and Colon Cancer HCT-15 Cell Lines. Organic Chem Curr Res 4: 144. doi:10.4172/21610401.1000144
Abstract(s)New 1,8-naphthalimido derivatives with 2,3 and 4 carbon chains bearing a number of different functionalities were synthesized and tested against a panel of breast cancer MCF-7, colon cancer HCT-15 and pancreatic cancer BxPC-3 cell lines. Generally structures with shorter alkyl chains were more active, with the one exception of the amide containing a p-nitrophenyl group. GI50 values (µM) were determined for the most active compounds. Three compounds exhibited GI50 values below 5 µM, two with MCF-7 cells, and one other with HCT-15. Compounds with different functionalities demonstrated cell line specificity: the MCF-7 cell line was more sensitive to an urea derivative (6f), the growth of HCT15 cells were most affected by a triazole (9d), while the BxPC-3 cell line was inhibited in a higher extend by a guanidine (4a).
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