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TitleWorking schedules and human resource management: The case of shift work
Author(s)Silva, Isabel Maria Soares da
Prata, Joana
KeywordsFlexible work arrangements
Human resource management
Shift work
Work/life balance
Working schedules
Working time arrangements
Issue date2015
PublisherNova Science Publishers, Inc.
Abstract(s)This chapter begins by focusing on the structuring role of working time in other spheres of individuals' lives as well as the growing diversity of working time arrangements adopted by organizations. Starting from the literature review about the effects associated with a particular schedule arrangement-shift work-and an empirical study conducted among five Portuguese textile organizations that use this hourly modality, the role that human resource management can assume in this field is discussed. Globally, the ten qualitative interviews conducted in the presented study point to a consensus with the literature regarding the perception of the problems often associated with this organization mode of working time, especially in connection with the night shift. On the other hand, and from the viewpoint of how the management of issues related to shift work is done, the data suggest the existence of variability within the organizations that have adopted these practices. The chapter ends by reflecting on the contribution of flexible practices and worker participation in the management of working time in general and of shift work in particular.
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