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TitleCiência p´ra que te Quero: making science accessible and exciting to young people
Author(s)Forjaz, Maria Antónia
Maciel, Mariana
Alves, Aida Pires Branco
Ferreira, J.
Marques, J.
Almeida Aguiar, Cristina
Almeida, M. J.
Issue date2015
CitationForjaz MA, Maciel M, Alves A, Ferreira J, Marques J, Almeida‐Aguiar C, Almeida MJ. (2015) Ciência p´ra que te Quero: Making Science Accessible and Exciting to Young People. Hands‐on Science. Brightening our Future. Costa MF, Dorrío BV (Eds.); Hands‐on Science Network, 2015, 237-238.
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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