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TitleWhen new technology is an answer for old problems: the use of videoconferencing in cognitive aging assessment
Author(s)Castanho, Teresa Jesus Costa
Sousa, Nuno
Santos, Nadine Correia
KeywordsCognitive testing
Issue date12-May-2017
PublisherIOS Press
JournalJournal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports
CitationCastanho, T. C., Sousa, N., & Santos, N. C. (2017). When New Technology is an Answer for Old Problems: The Use of Videoconferencing in Cognitive Aging Assessment. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports, 1(1), 15-21
Abstract(s)People living with cognitive impairment and dementia require regular screening of their symptomatology and needs. Brief cognitive screening is crucial for assessing these conditions. Such screening can give health professionals a snapshot of the patient’s cognitive abilities and help in their monitoring and adaptation. An appropriate administration of brief cognitive screening using telemedicine technology, such as videoconference, can improve access to care and treatment planning. Moreover, the burden that rural and underserved communities often suffer because of limited access to specialty mental health services is also of concern. Herein, in this review, we describe the existing and relevant research regarding the administration of neuropsychological instruments via videoconferencing, and suggest methodological improvements for further studies. To date, only a handful of scientific studies have been published documenting the feasibility and acceptability of videoconferencing among older people and health professionals. Varying in their assessment tools, the studies demonstrate the reliability of cognitive testing and clinical diagnosis of dementia via videoconferencing, as noted by the associations between results of several cognitive tests using it as compared to face-to-face interviews. Further research is required to replicate findings and bring new solutions for their adaptation to a wide range of individuals, health professionals, areas of practice and settings.
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