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TitleHow to Deliver a Successful Learning Package for Family Medicine Trainees?
Author(s)Correia de Sousa, Jaime
Issue date1-Jan-2015
PublisherWONCA Europe
Citationde Sousa, J. C. (2015). 26–How to Deliver a Successful Learning Package for Family Medicine Trainees?. WONCA Europe, 614(316.356), 85
Abstract(s)Like most learners, FM trainees are eager to learn to become competent professionals. It is the task of tutors and course organisers to guarantee the quality of learning. In order to be successful, learning programmes require a certain number of features. Family Medicine has been in the front line of innovation in designing learning and teaching programmes to fit the objectives and learning needs of trainees (1). Furthermore, it has published guidance and developed several courses to allow the development of teaching skills of tutors and teachers in family medicine (2,3). What Makes a Teaching Programme Successful? This text will review some of the characteristics of a teaching package that can include in-person learning, such as small group work modules combined with distance learning, mostly using problem based learning and integrating practical work in a real primary care setting. Learning objectives and content can be adapted to work with small groups, individual learning or one-to-one teaching in a residency programme. We will consider the six key features that make such a comprehensive programme effective. How to Deliver a Successful Learning Package for Family Medicine Trainees? (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed Jan 25 2018].
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AccessOpen access
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