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TítuloMultifunctional bioactive glass and glass-ceramic biomaterials with antibacterial properties for repair and regeneration of bone tissue
Autor(es)Fernandes, João S.
Gentile, Piergiorgio
Pires, R. A.
Reis, R. L.
Hatton, Paul V.
Multifunctional biomaterials
RevistaActa Biomaterialia
CitaçãoFernandes J. S., Gentile P., Pires R. A., Reis R. L., Hatton P. V. Multifunctional bioactive glass and glass-ceramic biomaterials with antibacterial properties for repair and regeneration of bone tissue, Acta Biomaterialia, doi:10.1016/j.actbio.2017.06.046, 2017
Resumo(s)Bioactive glasses (BGs) and related glass-ceramic biomaterials have been used in bone tissue repair for over 30 years. Previous work in this field was comprehensively reviewed including by their inventor Larry Hench, and the key features and properties of BGs are well understood. More recently, attention has focused on their modification to further enhance the osteogenic behaviour, or further compositional changes that may introduce additional properties such as antimicrobial activity. Evidence is emerging that BGs and related glass-ceramics may be modified in such a way as to simultaneously introduce more than one desirable property. The aim of this review is therefore to consider the evidence that these more recent inorganic modifications to glass and glass-ceramic biomaterials are effective, and whether or not these new compositions represent sufficiently versatile systems to underpin the development of a new generation of truly multifunctional biomaterials to address pressing clinical needs in orthopaedic and dental surgery. Indeed, a number of classical glass compositions exhibited antimicrobial activity, however the structural design and the addition of specific ions, i.e. Ag+, Cu+, and Sr2+, are able to impart a multifunctional character to these systems, through the combination of, for example, bioactivity with bactericidal activity.
Descrição"Article in Press"
Arbitragem científicayes
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