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TitleSynthesis of Oxa-aza-macrocycle containing a naphthalimide unit: potential antioxidant activity of products
Author(s)Duarte, Diana Catarina Moreira
Ferreira, Juliana Patrícia Moreira Marques
Fortes, A. Gil
Alves, Maria José Chão
Issue date2015
Abstract(s)[Extract] Macrocycles with heteroatoms such as nitrogen (1) and oxygen (2) have wide application in many areas of science. For example in medicine, aza-macrocycles [1] are used to sequester particle emitting radioisotopes for use with monoclonal antibody in radioimmunodiagnosis and radioimmunotherapy.[2] Also, aza-macrocycles and their metal complexes have been reported to have good anti-HIV activity.[3] The coordination chemistry of macrocycles with mixed nitrogen-oxygen donors has been thoroughly investigated over recent years. However, the coordination chemistry of macrocycles in which oxygen and nitrogen donors bonded to each other, such as in 3, is less known.[4]...
AccessOpen access
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