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TitleBacterial biofilm supported on granular activated carbon and on natural zeolites- an application to wastewater treatment
Author(s)Lameiras, Sandra Raquel de Vasconcelos
Quintelas, C.
Tavares, M. T.
Issue date22-Aug-2004
CitationINTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CHEMICAL AND PROCESS ENGINEERING (CHISA), 16, Prague, Czech Republic, 2004 – “16th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering : abstracts”. [s.n. : s.l.], 2004. ISBN 80-86059-40-5.
Abstract(s)The removal of many heavy metals from industrial wastewater is one of the most important environmental problems to be solved today. The retention of this contaminants by a biofilm supported on granular activated carbon or on natural zeolites is one of the promising technologies for the reduction of this problem, because it is cheap and it removes a broad range of substances, heavy metals and organic compounds. This study aims the development of a system of two mini-columns in series for the removal of chromium (VI) using a biofilm of Arthrobacter viscosus supported on two different materials: granular activated carbon and natural zeolite. The effect of the regeneration of granular activated carbon was also studied.
AccessOpen access
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