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TitleEmerging media practices with the Displr platform for place-based engagement
Author(s)José, Rui
Pinto, Hélder Manuel Silva
Coutinho, Pedro Miguel Vale Malheiro Ramos
Issue dateNov-2016
Abstract(s)Place-based communication is about contextual messages delivered at specific locations where certain types of people congregate for particular purposes. A successful approach to place-based communication should explore the whole ecology of personal and public devices that characterises most public places. While social media and mobile are now mainstream and an integral part of communication strategies, place-based communication remains a complex and laborious undertaking that can only be accomplished with custom, expensive projects that are hard to understand, appropriate and sustain.Displr is a place-based communication platform that enables venues to reach their visitors more effectively by easily combining screen displays, social media and mobile engagement. Displr empowers any venue to create and manage a targeted, smart, cost-effective, interactive and cross-channel medium, without the need for external expertise or time consuming tasks. To understand some of the new possibilities and implications of place-based communication, we have conducted a study on publication practices in the Displr platform. Overall, these findings suggest that, with place-based displays, publication practices tend to be less formal and much more situated than what is now common in most display networks. This suggests that the possibility to appropriate the medium is highly valued and may prompt for more situated and spontaneous forms of communication
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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