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TitleRegulation of Bax/mitochondria interaction by AKT
Author(s)Simonyan, Lilit
Renault, Thibaud T.
Novais, Maria João da Costa
Sousa, Maria João
Côrte-Real, Manuela
Camougrand, Nadine
Gonzalez, Cécile
Manon, Stéphen
Bcl-2 family
Yeast model
Issue date1-Jan-2016
JournalFEBS Letters
CitationSimonyan, L., Renault, T. T., Costa Novais, M. J., Sousa, M. J., Côrte‐Real, M., Camougrand, N., ... & Manon, S. (2016). Regulation of Bax/mitochondria interaction by AKT. FEBS letters, 590(1), 13-21
Abstract(s)Bax-dependent mitochondrial permeabilization during apoptosis is controlled by multiple factors, including the phosphorylation by the protein kinase AKT. We used the heterologous co-expression of human Bax and AKT1 in yeast to investigate how the kinase modulates the different steps underlying Bax activation. We found that AKT activated Bax and increased its cellular content. Both effects were dependent on Ser184, but a phosphorylation of this residue did not fully explain the effects of AKT. Additional experiments with mutants substituted on Ser184 suggested that the regulation of Bax dynamic equilibrium between the cytosol and mitochondria might be more tightly regulated by Bcl-xL when Bax is phosphorylated.
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