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TitleSmart objects embedded production and quality management functions
Author(s)Putnik, Goran D.
Varela, Maria Leonilde Rocha
Carvalho, Carlos
Alves, Cátia
Shah, Vaibhav
Castro, Hélio
Ávila, Paulo
KeywordsManufacturing systems
Production management
Quality management
Smart objects
Issue date2015
PublisherUniversity of Montenegro. Center for Quality
JournalInternational Journal for Quality Research
Abstract(s)In this paper, smart objects embedded production and quality management functions are proposed, to promote accurately support decision-making processes, from the shop floor level up to higher decision-making levels. The proposed functions contribute for different kind of problems solving in production and quality management, such as production planning and control, scheduling, factory supervision, real-time data acquisition and processing, and real-time decision making. The web access at different middleware devices and tools, at different decision levels, along with the use of integrated algorithms and tools, embedded in smart objects, promotes conditions for better decision-making for optimized use of knowledge and resources in production systems. The relevance of the proposed smart objects embedded production and quality management functions has been validated positively in a manufacturing company.
AccessOpen access
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