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TitleComparing Lean-Green models for eco-efficient production
Author(s)Abreu, Maria Florentina Queirós Silva
Alves, Anabela Carvalho
Moreira, Francisco
KeywordsLean Production
Issue date2016
PublisherUniversity of Ljubljana. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
CitationAbreu, F., Alves, A. C., Moreira, F. (2016). Comparing Lean-Green models for eco-efficient production. In Proceedings of the 29th international conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimisation, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems (ECOS2016), June 19. - 23. 2016, Portoroz, Slovenia. Editors: Andrej Kitanovski and Alojz Poredos. ISBN: 978-961-6980-15-9
Abstract(s)Lean-Green is a concept that associates value aggregation and efficiency in operational and environmental terms (eco-efficiency). This concept arises as a corollary effect of companies’ challenges for rethinking their goals and strategies in order to add more value while contributing to social equity and prevent environmental burdens. The eco-efficiency concept translates the idea of “creating more with less”, in order to reduce ecological impacts and resource intensity, throughout the life cycle. Lean is a strategy that encompasses a wide variety of management practices, in an integrated system, to streamline business processes, minimize waste and improve financial performance. When Lean and Green are associated, in the so called Lean-Green link, many of those savings also result in environmental benefits. This paper reports the ongoing effort to provide models/frameworks for the Lean-Green integration, as found on the literature. A comparative analysis of the few models identified is provided, and the most frequently used KPI acknowledged. Findings, accrued from the study, show the existence of a limited number of Lean-Green models, published from 2012 onwards only, denoting a narrow breadth of dissemination and limited acceptance levels. The fundamental goal of Lean-Green models was mostly found to be related to improving the systems productivity while reducing the environmental impacts, rendering the greatly accepted idea that integrated Lean and Green initiatives can constitute a valuable approach to sustain and endure a greener industrial activity.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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