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TitleContextualizing teaching to improve learning: the case of science and geography
Author(s)Leite, Laurinda
Dourado, Luís Gonzaga Pereira
Afonso, Ana Sofia
Morgado, Sofia Fernandes
Issue date2017
PublisherNova Science Publishers
Abstract(s)This book addresses the context-based teaching of science and geography as seen by outstanding specialists from several countries around the world. It starts by providing an updated overview on the relevance of the four main physical and natural sciences (biology, chemistry, geology and physics) as well as geography for educating the public irrespective of whether citizens live (or not) in technologically advanced societies. Afterwards, it discusses unique context-based teaching approaches as well as original context-based curriculum and evaluation material tools. Additionally, the book highlights potential relationships between science and geography, which are often seen as independent areas of knowledge, namely in school. By uncovering the similarities between them and by putting in evidence where both areas deal with issues that are relevant for citizens' daily lives, the book explores how contexts act as tools to link and give coherence to science and geography as components of everyday life. The worldwide trend towards providing meaningful science education to all, coupled with the concern raised by students' disengagement in sciences, namely in technologically advanced societies, put increasingly high demands on the teachers. As shown in this book, contextualized teaching offers unique insights into how teachers can profit from students' complicated and interconnected realities. They can use this knowledge to help them learn about the authenticity and relevance of science and geography. In addition, this book also provides directions for future research if the contribution of geography and science to context-based teaching is to be fully explored. Therefore, it is a book designated for researchers, educators and schoolteachers, as it goes from theoretical perspectives to general research-based approaches and ends with practical applications that may make a difference in the 21st century.
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