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TitleRequirements in engineering projects
Author(s)Fernandes, João M.
Machado, Ricardo J.
Issue date2015
CitationFernandes JM and Machado RJ; Requirements in engineering projects, Springer, série Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering, ISBN 978-3-319-18596-5, 2015.
Abstract(s)All rights reserved. This book focuses on various topics related to engineering and management of requirements, in particular elicitation, negotiation, prioritisation, and documentation (whether with natural languages or with graphical models). The book provides methods and techniques that help to characterise, in a systematic manner, the requirements of the intended engineering system. It was written with the goal of being adopted as the main text for courses on requirements engineering, or as a strong reference to the topics of requirements in courses with a broader scope. It can also be used in vocational courses, for professionals interested in the software and information systems domain. Readers who have finished this book will be able to: - establish and plan a requirements engineering process within the development of complex engineering systems; - define and identify the types of relevant requirements in engineering projects; - choose and apply the most appropriate techniques to elicit the requirements of a given system; - conduct and manage negotiation and prioritisation processes for the requirements of a given engineering system; - document the requirements of the system under development, either in natural language or with graphical and formal models. Each chapter includes a set of exercises.
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