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TitleAn ideal IoT solution for real-time web monitoring
Author(s)Diogo, Pedro
Lopes, Nuno Vasco
Reis, L. P.
Horizontal solution
Issue date1-Sep-2017
PublisherSpringer-Verlag Berlin
JournalCluster Computing
CitationDiogo, P., Lopes, N. V., & Reis, L. P. (2017). An ideal IoT solution for real-time web monitoring. Cluster Computing, 20(3), 2193-2209
Abstract(s)For the internet of things (IoT) to fully emerge, it is necessary to design a suitable system architecture and specific protocols for this environment. The former to provide horizontal solutions, breaking away the current paradigm of silos solutions, and thus, allowing the creation of open and interoperable systems; while the latter will offer efficient and scalable communications. This paper presents the latest standards and ongoing efforts to develop specific protocols for IoT. Furthermore, this paper presents a new system, with the most recent standards for IoT. Its design, implementation and evaluation will be also described. The proposed system is based on the latest ETSI M2M specification (ETSI TC M2M in ETSI TS 103 093 V2.1.1., 2013b) and the MQTT protocol (IBM, Eurotech in MQTT V3.1 Protocol Specification pp 1-42, pdf, 2010). With this solution it is possible to show how we can create new applications to run over it and the importance of designing specifically tailored for IoT communication protocols in order to support real-time applications.
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AccessOpen access
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