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TitleOff-line evaluation of mobile-centric indoor positioning systems: the experiences from the 2017 IPIN competition
Author(s)Torres-Sospedra, Joaquín
Jiménez, Antonio R
Moreira, Adriano
Lungenstrass, Tomás
Lu, Wei-Chung
Knauth, Stefan
Mendoza-Silva, Germán Martín
Seco, Fernando
Pérez-Navarro, Antoni
Nicolau, Maria João
Costa, António
Meneses, Filipe
Farina, Joaquín
Morales, Juan Pablo
Lu, Wen-Chen
Cheng, Ho-Ti
Yang, Shi-Shen
Fang, Shih-Hau
Chien, Ying-Ren
Tsao, Yu
Keywordsindoor positioning and navigation
Wi-Fi fingerprinting
sensor fusion
Issue date7-Apr-2018
CitationTorres-Sospedra, Joaquín, et al. "Off-Line Evaluation of Mobile-Centric Indoor Positioning Systems: The Experiences from the 2017 IPIN Competition.", Sensors 18.2 (2018): 487, ISSN: 1424-8220
Abstract(s)The development of indoor positioning solutions using smartphones is a growing activity with an enormous potential for everyday life and professional applications. The research activities on this topic concentrate on the development of new positioning solutions that are tested in specific environments under their own evaluation metrics. To explore the real positioning quality of smartphone-based solutions and their capabilities for seamlessly adapting to different scenarios, it is needed to find fair evaluation frameworks. The design of competitions using extensive pre-recorded datasets is a valid way to generate open data for comparing the different solutions created by research teams. In this paper, we discuss the details of the 2017 IPIN indoor localization competition, the different datasets created, the teams participating in the event, and the results they obtained. We compare these results with other competition-based approaches (Microsoft and Perf-loc) and on-line evaluation web sites. The lessons learned by organising these competitions and the benefits for the community are addressed along the paper. Our analysis paves the way for future developments on the standardization of evaluations and for creating a widely-adopted benchmark strategy for researchers and companies in the field.
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