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TitleA maintenance float system with periodic overhauls
Author(s)Lopes, Isabel da Silva
Leitao, A. L. F.
Pereira, Guilherme
Issue date1-Sep-2006
PublisherCRC Press
CitationLopes, I. S., Leitão, A. L., & Pereira, G. A. (2006). A Maintenance Float System with Periodic Overhauls. Guedes Soares & Zio (eds), Safety and Reliability for Managing Risk, 1, 613-618
Abstract(s)In this work, a maintenance float system is considered. Equipments in workstation are submitted to overhauls carried out at regular time intervals. A mathematical model has been constructed to find out the best combination of three parameters: the number of standby units, R, the number of maintenance crews in the maintenance centre, L and the time between overhauls, T. The strategy to construct the model involved: the development of differential equations in order to determine system state probabilities; the definition of an operating cycle; the calculation of the cycle duration and respective total maintenance system cost incurred; and the utilization of a search method to find out the combination of parameters that minimizes the total cost of a specific system.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
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