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TitleOverview on magnetron sputtered tantalum oxynitride thin films – structures and properties
Author(s)Cristea, D.
Cunha, Luís
Crișan, A.
Munteanu, D.
KeywordsTantalum thin films
Structural evolution
Issue date2015
PublisherStefan cel Mare University of Suceava (USV). Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Management
JournalTehnomus Journal
CitationD. Cristea, L. Cunha, A. Crisan, D. Munteanu, OVERVIEW ON MAGNETRON SPUTTERED TANTALUMOXYNITRIDE THIN FILMS – STRUCTURES AND PROPERTIES, thenomus journal No 22 (2015) 185-190
Abstract(s)This paper aims to present the results concerning the structural characterization and some of the properties of magnetron sputtered tantalum oxynitride thin films. Tantalum oxynitride thin films have been deposited by sputtering, using as reactive gas a mixture of fixed proportion (17:3) composed of N2 and O2. The main variable parameter during the deposition process has been the overall flow of the reactive gas mixture. A secondary variable parameter has been the polarization voltage (grounded – GND and -50V, respectively). Thus, two sets of samples (Series 1 - -50V and Series 2 – GND) with varying flows have been obtained. The structural characterization, evaluated by X-ray Diffraction, has shown that the films are, for low flows of reactive gas, crystalline in nature. The raising of the reactive gas flow leads to the formation of quasi-amorphous films. The exhibited properties were shown to be closely related to the structural evolution of the films.
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