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TitleGetting the knowledge to the agent : the Rough Sets approach
Author(s)Magalhães, Paulo Sérgio Tenreiro
Santos, Leonel Duarte dos
Amaral, Luís
Research information system
Information retrieval
Rough Sets
Web services
Issue date2006
PublisherLeuven University Press
CitationASSERSON, Anne Gams Steine; SIMONS, Eduard J., ed. lit. – “Enabling interaction and quality : beyond the Hanseatic League : proceedings of the International Conference on Current Research Information Systems (CRIS), 8, Bergen, Norway, 2006”. Leuven : Leuven University Press, 2006. ISBN 90-5867-536-X. p. 155-166.
Abstract(s)For a query in a Research Information System (CRIS) to return adequate results, it is necessary that the system can “understand” the intention of the enquiring agent. One possible approach to guarantee the success of this communication is to create an intermediate module, responsible for the knowledge discovery processes, that can define concepts translatable in the languages used by the different agents involved in the use of a CRIS, enhance the queries, construct information over the available information and construct knowledge about the knowledge available in the CRIS and about its use. The Rough Set theory is a powerful tool that can set a path to achieve this goal. This paper describes in what way that is achievable, while describing the approach that is being followed by the portuguese CRIS, Degóis.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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