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TitleProduction and characterization of ag nanoclusters produced by plasma gas condensation
Author(s)Manninen, N. K.
Figueiredo, N. M.
Carvalho, S.
Cavaleiro, Albano
Keywordsgrowth mechanism
inert gas condensation
transmission electron microscopy
Issue date2014
PublisherWiley-VCH Verlag
JournalPlasma Processes and Polymers
Abstract(s)Silver nanoclusters were produced by plasma gas condensation method. The influence of argon flow and current density applied to Ag target on the size distribution of Ag clusters was evaluated. The clusters growth in the substrate was evaluated in static mode and rotation mode. The results indicate that the deposition in rotation mode leads to an increase in the clusters mean size while in static mode aggregation of Ag clusters represents the dominant growth mechanism. The crystalline structure of Ag clusters was evaluated by selected area diffraction patterns and X-ray diffraction, which suggested the formation of crystalline Ag. Scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive spectrometry analysis of Ag films revealed the formation of porous Ag structures and no oxygen was found.
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