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TitleBuilding as propaganda: a palimpsest of faith and power in the Maghreb
Author(s)Correia, Jorge
North Africa
sacred building
Issue date2015
PublisherBrill Academic Publishers
JournalArts and Archaeology of the Islamic World
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] Portugal held overseas possessions in Africa, South America and Asia from the beginning of the fifteenth century till very recently. This empire was the result of conquests of cities that belonged to other kingdoms, such as in the Maghreb or India, the establishment of commercial outposts in key points of the maritime routes along the Atlantic and Indian oceans coasts, or the creation of colonies in newfound lands, such as some Atlantic archipelagos or Brazil. The Moroccan project was a fundamental part of this overseas expansion.1 Amidst several motivations, the Crusader spirit was certainly one of the most important drives for the Portuguese to assault Northern Africa from the early 1400s to 1500s. The Portuguese presence in the region lasted from 1415, when King João i (1385–1433) started what would become a series of conquests, to 1769. This last date represents the epilogue of a political, military, and commercial investment in the Maghreb, when the evacuation of the last stronghold was decided in Lisbon. For more than three and a half centuries, the Portuguese main expression of its territorial expansion consisted in isolated enclaves along the Strait of Gibraltar and Atlantic coasts, which corresponds today to a long seashore stretch in the Kingdom of Morocco, with exception of the Spanish city of Ceuta. This territory was never understood as a full colony by the Crown, with autonomous jurisdiction. It was rather based on the conquest and occupation of pre-existing Arab and Muslim cities, resulting in a network of isolated possessions directly ruled by the king through local captains and governors. [...]
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