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TitleComputer-aided teaching of process engineering : VI - studies on bioprocess identification and control through a process simulator
Author(s)Ferreira, E. C.
Soares, Filomena
Pimenta, Pedro C. C.
Oliveira, Rui Manuel Freitas
Azevedo, S. Feyo de
Issue date1993
CitationINTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CONFERENCE, 6, Porto, Portugal, 1993 – “CHEMPOR´93 : proceedings”. [Porto : Universidade do Porto], 1993. p. 713-714.
Abstract(s)In this paper we present a simple computer-based laboratory set-up for experiments concerning real-time system identification. The set-up is constituted by a 'Process Simulator' computer and a 'Control' computer, communicating via serial RS-232 protocol. The former can simulate multivariable non-linear systems in real-time, in this specific experiment the fed-batch fermentation of baker's yeast. The latter performs the tasks of system identification and control, viz - (i) identification is performed employing a methodology based on a general non-linear deterministic model representation of fed-batch fermentations; (ii) control is performed employing an adaptive linearizing scheme.
AccessOpen access
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