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TitleOne-electron singular spectral features of the 1D Hubbard model at finite magnetic field
Author(s)Carmelo, José Manuel Pereira
Cadez, T.
KeywordsOne-electron spectral function in a magnetic field
Issue date2017
JournalNuclear Physics B
CitationNuclear Physics B 914, 461–552 (2017)
Abstract(s)The momentum, electronic density, spin density, and interaction dependences of the exponents that con-trol the (k, ω)-plane singular features of the σ=↑, ↓one-electron spectral functions of the 1D Hubbard model at finite magnetic field are studied. The usual half-filling concepts of one-electron lower Hubbard band and upper Hubbard band are defined in terms of the rotated electrons associated with the model Bethe-ansatz solution for all electronic density and spin density values and the whole finite repulsion range. Such rotated electrons are the link of the non-perturbative relation between the electrons and the pseudofermions. Our results further clarify the microscopic processes through which the pseudofermion dynamical theory accounts for the one-electron matrix elements between the ground state and excited energy eigenstates.
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AccessOpen access
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