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TítuloValidity and reliability of the HEMPA method for patient handling assessment
Autor(es)Villarroya, A.
Arezes, P.
Díaz de Freijo, S.
Fraga, F.
Palavras-chaveRisk assessment
Patient handling
RevistaApplied Ergonomics
Resumo(s)Specific methods currently exist to assess occupational hazards resulting from patient handling in the healthcare sector, according to ISO/TR 12296. They are all similar in nature, but with a different analysis perspective; for that reason a comparison of the most relevant methods was performed in a previous research. As a result, a basis of a new tool that integrates the complementary aspects of those methods was proposed. To verify the validity and reliability of that method, a study within a hospital setting was carried out in five medical and surgical units of a public health institution. Based on the obtained results, the analysed method (called HEMPA) proved to be valid and reliable. Also, this method reflects a positive correlation between risk and damage and correctly quantifies risks regarding patient's dependence.
Arbitragem científicayes
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