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TítuloAnti-saccades in early stages of multiple sclerosis
Autor(es)Macedo, António Filipe
Ferreira, Marisa Borges
Marta Gamito Parreira
Inês Sousa
José Figueiredo
Cerqueira, João José
Pereira, Paulo A. S.
Multiple Sclerosis
EditoraAssociation for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)
RevistaInvestigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science
CitaçãoAntónio Filipe Macedo; Marisa Ferreira; Marta Parreira; Inês Sousa; José Figueiredo; João Cerqueira; Paulo A. Pereira, “Anti-saccades in early stages of multiple sclerosis”. Proceedings of international conferences 2015 ARVO Annual Meeting, Powerful Connections: Vision Research and Online Networking, May 3-7, 2015, in Denver, Colorado. ISSN 0146-0404, E-ISSN 1552-5783, Vol. 56, nr 7, 2911.
Resumo(s)Eye movements disability is common finding in multiple sclerosis but the exact stage at which changes are visible is not clear. The aim of study was to assess if anti-saccade planning and execution are altered at early stages of the disease.
Versão da editorahttp://iovs.arvojournals.org/article.aspx?articleid=2332729
Arbitragem científicayes
Aparece nas coleções:CMAT - Artigos em atas de conferências e capítulos de livros com arbitragem / Papers in proceedings of conferences and book chapters with peer review

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