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TitleGeoheritage: A Multidisciplinary and Applied Research Topic
Author(s)Reynard, Emmanuel
Brilha, J. B.
Issue date2018
PublisherElsevier B.V.
Abstract(s)Geoheritage, which has been studied almost since the 18th century, has been rediscovered by the scientific community during the last 25 years. Although much remains to be done before geoheritage is recognised by society and political authorities, great improvements have been made during the last two decades, both at the research and the management levels. The book Geoheritage: Assessment, Protection and Management proposes a state of the art concerning geoheritage. It is divided into 26 chapters distributed in seven sections: (1) introduction; (2) geodiversity; (3) geoheritage; (4) conservation of geoheritage; (5) uses of geoheritage; (6) case studies; (7) conclusion.
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