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TitleOn being with-us: our experience teaching the subject of territory
Other titlesOn being with-us: sobre a nossa experiência no ensino do território
Author(s)Silva, Cidália Maria Ferreira
Pereira, Daniel Arnaldo Duarte
Oliveira, Ivo
Juan, Marta Labastida
Carlos, Rute Alexandra
Riso, Vincenzo
Issue dateDec-2017
PublisherUniversidade do Minho. Laboratório de Paisagem, Património e Território (Lab2PT)
CitationSilva, C. F.; Pereira, D. D.; Oliveira, I.; Labastida, M.; Carlos, R.; Riso, V. (2017) "On Being With-us: Our Experience Teaching the Subject of Territory/Sobre a Nossa Experiência no Ensino do Território" in C. F. Silva & D. D. Pereira (eds.) On Being With-it: A Forward-looking Dialogue on the Experience of Learning through Territory/Diálogo Prospetivo sobre a Experiência de Aprendizagem através do Território. Universidade do Minho. Laboratório de Paisagem, Património e Território (Lab2PT), Guimarães. pp. 34-86.
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] On the 14th March 2016, the teachers responsible for the subject City and Territory [Cidade e Território] of University of Minho’s School of Architecture met for a joint reflection about teaching in this field. The text presented here is an edited transcript of their dialogue. [...]
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