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TitleActive learning in engineering education: a (re)introduction
Author(s)Lima, Rui M.
Andersson, Pernille Hammar
Saalman, Elisabeth
KeywordsActive learning
Engineering education
project-based learning
Issue date2-Jan-2017
PublisherTaylor & Francis
JournalEuropean Journal of Engineering Education
Abstract(s)The informal network ‘Active Learning in Engineering Education’ (ALE) has been promoting Active Learning since 2001. ALE creates opportunity for practitioners and researchers of engineering education to collaboratively learn how to foster learning of engineering students. The activities in ALE are centred on the vision that learners construct their knowledge based on meaningful activities and knowledge. In 2014, the steering committee of the ALE network reinforced the need to discuss the meaning of Active Learning and that was the base for this proposal for a special issue. More than 40 submissions were reviewed by the European Journal of Engineering Education community and this theme issue ended up with eight contributions, which are different both in their research and Active Learning approaches. These different Active Learning approaches are aligned with the different approaches that can be increasingly found in indexed journals.
TypeJournal editorial
AccessOpen access
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