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TitleAn overview of the evolution of infrared spectroscopy applied to bacterial typing
Author(s)Quintelas, Cristina
Ferreira, Eugénio C.
Lopes, João A.
Sousa, C.
KeywordsInfrared spectroscopy
Bacterial typing
Issue date2018
JournalBiotechnology Journal
CitationQuintelas, Cristina; Ferreira, Eugénio C.; Lopes, João A.; Sousa, C., An overview of the evolution of infrared spectroscopy applied to bacterial typing. Biotechnology Journal, 13(1700449), 2018
Abstract(s)The sustained emergence of new declared bacterial species makes typing a continuous challenge for microbiologists. Molecular biology techniques have a very significant role in the context of bacterial typing, but they are often very laborious, time consuming and eventually fail when dealing with very closely related species. Spectroscopic-based techniques appear in some situations as a viable alternative to molecular methods with advantages in terms of analysis time and cost. Infrared and mass spectrometry are among the most exploited techniques in this context: particularly, infrared spectroscopy emerged as a very promising method with multiple reported successful applications. This article presents a systematic review on infrared spectroscopy applications for bacterial typing, highlighting fundamental aspects of infrared spectroscopy, a detailed literature review (covering different taxonomic levels and bacterial species), advantages and limitations of the technique over molecular biology methods and a comparison with other competing spectroscopic techniques such as MALDI-TOF MS, Raman and intrinsic fluorescence. Infrared spectroscopy possesses a high potential for bacterial typing at distinct taxonomic levels and worthy of further developments and systematization. The development of databases appears fundamental towards the establishment of infrared spectroscopy as a viable method for bacterial typing.
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